Email Status Editor (turn any status item on/off)

Emails sent by SendGrid use SendGrid.php->EmailStatus() to determine if there are issues.
Use this page to process bounces.

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This differs from the account-page setters that enable users to only turn off issues.
This page is also demo of how to use the EmailStatus() function.
To add an email call this page without parameters.

Issue notifiers for user account pages - EmailStatus->Issues(1):

Issues Links - EmailStatus->Issues(2) (for our admin pages): Invalid | Refused | Spam Reporter | Subscribed:2022-01-03 | E

User Fix Links - EmailStatus->Issues(3)
Have you resolved the following issues?
Your email address bounced invalid last time - Yes
Your system refused our last email - Yes
You reported us for spamming - Yes

EmailStatus->IsSubscribed(): Yes
To send NL call EmailStatus->IsSubscribed() and ImpedimentFree()
This only means it could be sent if they are subscribed

email_invalid: Yes | No
email_refused: Yes | No
mailbox_full: Yes | No
spam_reporter: Yes | No
Subscribed: Yes | No
UnSubscribed: Yes | No

Found in Insight-Live:14419 new user | Found in Insight-Live:14466 new user
Plainsman: Danielle McDaniel

Array From SendGrid->EmailStatus()

    [email_id] => 133109
    [email] =>
    [email_invalid] => 2022-01-17
    [email_refused] => 2022-01-06
    [mailbox_full] => 
    [spam_reporter] => 2022-01-14
    [unsubscribed] => 
    [subscribed] => 2022-01-03
    [nl] => 1
    [note] => 
    [moddate] => 2022-01-24 14:15:08
    [z] => HFPH1dkHhH
    [emails_sent] => 0