Step-by-step Case Studies

In these I am going to show you how to use your account at to do things that were not possible until now. It is about the data. The data you let slip by in your testing up until now and the new data you will be recording as you organize that testing in a way you never did before. It is about work. If you are willing to do it you will able to learn things about your process and materials, understand them, learn to control them and take them down new roads that were not possible before.

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These are videos that use Desktop Insight or Insight-live to solve problems with a glaze, body or material.

These videos are hosted on our channels at and

Desktop Insight

Fixing a Settling Glaze Slurry

Learn to reformulate a glaze that is settling in the bucket. Al2O3 and KNaO are sourced by the feldspar, we will source them from kaolin and frits instead. (watch at Youtube).

Formulating Substitution Rules for Calcium Carbonate and Wollastonite

How to use desktop Insight to substitute wollastonite for calcium carbonate (and vice versa) while maintaining the same SiO2 level. Create substitution rules. (watch at Youtube).

Reducing the Firing Temperature of a Glaze From Cone 10 to 6

Learn the chemistry differences between cone 10 and 6 glazes and how to make a glaze melt at a lower temperature without introducing other problems like crazing. (watch at Youtube).

Subsituting Gerstley Borate in Floating Blue

Use Desktop Insight to explore ways of calculating substitutes for Gerstley Borate in the popular Floating Blue cone 6 glaze recipe while maintaining or improving the other raw and fired properties of the glaze. (watch at Youtube).

Substituting Materials by Weight: Why it does not work!

Wollastonite is 50:50 CaO:SiO2. So why not just substitute 40 wollastonite for 20 calcium carbonate and 20 silica? (watch at Youtube).

Substituting Nepheline Syenite for Soda Feldspar

Learn to substitute Nepheline Syenite for Soda Feldspar (and vice versa) using the KNaO checkbox to. You will see the benefit of in-recipe substitution calculation rather than making substitution rules. (watch at Youtube).


Evaluating a Crazing, Cutlery Marking Cone 8-9 Glaze

A high-nepheline, zero-silica cone 8 silky matte glaze is cutlery marking and crazing. Why? (watch at ">Screencast-o-matic).

Predicting Ceramic Glaze Durability by Chemistry

How to spot out-of-balance indicators in the chemistry of glazes that suggest susceptibility to scratching or cutlery marking. (watch at Youtube).

A Broken Glaze Meets Insight-Live and a Magic Material

Use to do major surgery on a feldspar saturated cone 10R glaze recipe with multiple issues: blistering, pinholing, crazing, settling, dusting and possibly leaching! (watch at Youtube).

Find and Improve a Cone 6 Clear Ceramic Glaze

How I found a recipe on Facebook, substituted a frit for the Gerstley Borate and added the extra silica it needed to fight crazing. I got a fabulous cone 6 clear. (watch at Youtube).

Formulating a Cone 6 Silky Matte Glaze at Insight-Live

I will show you how found a recipe on Facebook, assessed it, substituted my own materials, tested it, adjusted it. Now it is like a cone 10 dolomite matte. (watch at Youtube).

How to Replace Lithium Carbonate With a Lithium Frit

Raw lithium carbonate can be replaced with a lithium-containing frit if you can do the chemistry. And you can at (watch at Youtube).

Insight-Live Meets a Silica Deprived Glaze Recipe

Using Insight-live I will demonstrate the surprising amount of silica some cone 6 base glazes that appear OK will accept and still melt well. (watch at Youtube).