Trafficked online recipes waiting for a victim to try them!

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Last week a customer came to buy materials to mix these recipes she found online. Then we had a closer look. Many have 50+% feldspar/Cornwall/nepheline with little dolomite or talc to counteract their high thermal expansion, these are guaranteed to craze. Many are high in Gerstley Borate, it will turn the slurry into a bucket of jelly. Some have high tin, lithium and cobalt; exceptionally expensive materials. Many have metal carbonates, which can produce blisters and bubbles in the fired surface. Some contain almost no clay, they will settle like a rock in the bucket. A better way? Identify the mechanisms (colorants, opacifiers and variegators) in each and transplant these into your own base transparent glossy and matte recipes. These already fit your bodies, have good slurry properties and are stable. Use stains instead of metal oxides when possible.

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