Variegating effect of sprayed-on layer of 100% titanium dioxide

Tuesday 8th June 2010

The referred to surface is the outside of this large bowl. The base glaze (inside and out) is GA6-D Alberta Slip glaze fired at cone 6 on a buff stoneware. The thinness of the rutile needs to be controlled carefully, the only practical method to apply it is by spraying. The dramatical effect is a real testament to the variegating power of TiO2. An advantage of this technique is the source: Titanium dioxide instead of sourcing TiO2 from the often troublesome rutile.

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Titanium Dioxide, Rutile, GA6-D - Alberta Slip Glossy Brown Cone 6, Variegating Glazes, Reactive Glazes, Crystallization, Glaze Layering

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