Double-slip layer incised decoration: A challenge in slip-body fitting

Wednesday 1st October 2014

An example of a white engobe (L3685T) applied over a red clay body (L3724F), then a red engobe (also L3724F) applied over the white. The incised design reveals the white inter-layer. This is a tricky procedure, you have to make sure the two slips are well fitted to the body (and each other), having a compatible drying shrinkage, firing shrinkage, thermal expansion and quartz inversion behavior. This is much more complex that for glazes, they have no firing shrinkage and drying shrinkage only needs to be low enough for bisque application. Glazes also do not have quartz inversion issues.

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L3724F - Cone 03 Terra Cotta Stoneware, L3685U - Cone 03 White Stoneware/Engobe, Engobe, Firing Shrinkage, Terra cotta, Incised decoration

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