Cone 6 black with a second layer of oatmeal glaze

Friday 20th December 2013

The underglaze is G1214M cone 6 black (adds 5% Mason 6666 black stain). Overglaze left: GR6-H Ravenscrag Oatmeal. Overglaze right: GA6-F Alberta Slip oatmeal. Both produce a very pleasant silky matte texture (the right being the best). Both layers are fairly thin. In production it would be best to spray the second layer, keeping it as thin as possible. It is also necessary to adjust the ratio of raw to calcined Alberta or Ravenscrag Slips to establish a balance between drying hardness but not too much drying shrinkage (and resultant cracking).

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G1214M - Original Cone 6 Base Glossy Glaze, GR6-H - Ravenscrag Cone 6 Oatmeal Matte, GA6-F - Alberta Slip Cone 6 Oatmeal, Reactive Glazes, Glaze Layering

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