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Saturday 1st December 2018

You need variable speed (not constant speed). Although some have timers these are not useful. The prices range from $100 to $thousands. They do not always come with the shaft and propeller (but it is easy to get a stainless steel shaft). A table-top device may be rated at 20L capacity, for example, but that is for thin liquids. For thick ceramic slurries it likely will only handle 8-10L (if the propeller is suitable). Question the RPM rating, the cheap mixers use stepper motors (they require minimal electronics) and only get a fraction of the claimed RPM. These will only be useful with a large propellor having steeply pitched blades. Buying a propeller is not practical because one will likely cost more than the mixer, be the wrong pitch, wrong direction, wrong size. 3D-printing one yourself is the best way (keep reprinting until it works well). If the shipping weight of the package is 15-20 lbs much of that will be the heavy metal base.

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