How to create a wood ash glaze

Wednesday 28th November 2012

It makes sense to maximize the percentage of wood ash. Since different batches and types of wood ash have drastically different chemistries how can you have a glaze have a high percentage? This glaze was the product of preparing a large ash batch and a project to develop a glaze specifically from it. This one contains a little iron to stain it brown, this brings out the variegation better. Ash generally contains low percentages of Al2O3, a critical oxide needed for stable glass development. I added kaolin (about 20%), it suspends the slurry and supplies Al2O3. Ashes contain lots of fluxing oxides, but they still may need a little help to melt a glaze at cone 6, so I added feldspar (it also supplies needed Al2O3 also). If that is not enough flux, I add a little gerstley borate or a borax frit. If crazing occurs silica is needed. In the end I got a recipe with about 50% ash.

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