Six layers, 85% Alberta Slip in the glaze, yet no cracking. How?

Friday 23rd November 2018

Six layers of any normal dipping glaze would be impossible, flaking usually starts with the second layer. Yet this one is 85% clay, it shrinks so much that it would be like a "dried up lake bed" on the first layer. How was it possible to dip it on in six layers here? 1% CMC gum (via a gum solution). This is incredible! Typical dipping glazes contain only about 20% clay (plus things like feldspar, frit, dolomite, calcium carbonate and silica) and they dry within seconds and work well for single-layering. But for multi-layering these it is also vital that gum be added. There is a down side: A drying period is needed between each layer, the length depends on the porosity and wall thickness of the ware. One more thing: VeeGum is not a substitute for CMC, it is a highly plastic clay that will make flaking even worse.

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