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Have all your ceramic glaze and body recipe data in one place: Insight-Live

Access it from any internet connected device. Back it all up to a desktop Insight database file in one click.

Insight-Live is desktop-Insight moved to the web and much more, document your recipes, firing schedules, projects, testing records in your private or group account. You have access to all your data using any internet-connected device. It can import your desktop Insight data. It has much stronger information storage and search features and even better for chemistry calculations. When you sign up for an Insight-live account you can download and use desktop Insight free (if you still want it).

Maintain your recipes, materials, firing schedules and test data (and more) on-line

  • Login to a private account or work with others in a group account (e.g. university).
  • Nothing to install (access it using your web browser). It is always the latest version.
  • Import existing material, recipe data and pictures..
  • As many side-by-side recipes and/or materials as you want (chemistry is shown for all).
  • Many ways to search and classify glaze and body recipes.
  • Recipes are robust, with units-of-measure, pictures with individual titles and descriptions, much more.
  • Add variations to a recipe; each with its own pictures, descriptions and name/code-number extensions.
  • Recipes can link to materials, typecodes, projects, firing schedules and physical test result data (all managed in their own areas).
  • Standard reports and mix ticket reports with last-minute-totalling; variations report as if they are a complete recipe.
  • Video tutorials, help system, contact form on every page.
  • It is an industrial-strength database system (unlimited capacity, fast, reliable, scalable).
  • Insight-live site is designed to run on any web browser on any device. Data is columnized so it is zoomable on small screens.
Multiple ceramic glaze recipes shown side-by-side
Insight-Live showing recipes side-by-side

Imports many file formats

  • Glaze recipe formats supported: HyperGlaze, GlazeGhem, GlazeMaster, Matrix, INSIGHT XML recipes (single and multiple), INSIGHT SQLite DB files.
  • Assign a batch number to recipe imports (later search by batch).
  • Assign multiple typecodes to imported glaze and body batches (to classify) (search on these later).
  • Prepend character sequences to glaze recipe names during import.
  • Import the pictures and pair them to their corresponding recipe records automatically.
  • One click to automatically export the database to an SQLite DB database file and download it (for use with desktop INSIGHT or just as a backup).
  • Export and import individual glaze recipes as text or XML.
  • Import materials data in various formats or just use the thousands of built-in reference materials.
Ceramic glaze recipe import dialog supporting matrix, glazemaster, glazechem, hyperglaze
Insight-Live showing the recipe import dialog

Secure, Reliable, Compatible

  • Security is a very complex issue, since we create and control every line of program code we can develop practices that minimize risk.
  • Simplicity is paramount, fancy features will never compromise the need for control.
  • No Ajax, no Flash, only session cookies (by default), no CMS or third party server code or client javascript libraries.
  • You have easy access to us, so risks and problems can be fixed quickly.
  • The site backs itself up to http://insight-live-backup.com. That backs up to a third server. Servers monitor each other.
  • More specific security information is available in the help system.

Perfect for Education

  • Close ties with the Digitalfire Reference Database of ceramic knowlege.
  • SmartPhone and Tablet webapp-help-system with video tutorials on the mechanics of using Insight-Live and how to solve real problems with it.
  • Ceramic study programs can accumulate data year-after-year, building course ware that links to their recipe, material, process and photo archive.
  • Students already have internet connected devices, they can each have their own private accounts at Insight-Live and hit the ground running with all their data when they graduate.
  • Insight-live does the physics, mineralogy and the chemistry; it is about really understanding bodies and glazes. Employ it in your program and students will graduate better equipped to recognize and solve the kinds of problems that stand in the way of quality and quantity in ceramic production.