Plainsman Super Kiln Wash

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Stop using cheap kiln wash, get something good. You will never go back to anything else. This uses the Cadillac of refractory materials and binds it down with gum.

Plainsman Super Kiln Wash

Code #


Materials Amt Units
Zircopax 400.000 GM 80.00%
Calcined Kaolin 100.000 GM 20.00%
Additions Amt Units
*Laguna Gum Solution 113.000 GM 22.60%
Water 200.000 GM 40.00%

Total:813.00 (R)


Also useful as a refractory ceramic coating. This recipe is to make enough to fill a 1 pint jar.

The objective was to produce a super-refractory powder that stays in place but does not harden, chip or cake, that does not shrink and crack. And that paints on well and stays wet long enough to level and even out with a brush.

Zircopax is among the most refractory materials in ceramics, so it was employed (calcined alumina could also be used). Calcined, rather than raw kaolin, was employed to help densify and stabilize the coverage (by its flat particle shape). Laguna gum solution was added to harden the dry layer and slow down the drying (their gum solution has a higher percentage of CMC than achievable using common mixing methods).

500g of powder needed to make enough slurry to fill a pint jar. Laguna039;s suggested gum proportion: 1.5g per 100g glaze powder (for 500g: 7.5).
Laguna gum solution: 6.6g CMC Gum per 100g
Thus: 7.5 / 6.6 x 100 = 113g

Kiln wash is a little thin, but paints onto shelves extremely well (if they are level). It is a little difficult to mix final amount of powder into water/gum solution mix, a good mixer it needed.

Yield: Approx. 7/8 of a pint.


L4001 Kiln wash (left) vs. typical kaolin:silica wash (right)

The new wash has been fired on and is adhering well, not shrinking or cracking and is not powdery. The layer is much thinner. The other side has been fired many times and the flakes stick to the foot rings of every piece fired in the kiln.

Super Kiln Wash

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