L3685Y Engobe for Terrastone

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Cone 03 Terrastone 2 Engobe

Code #


Materials Amt
Nepheline Syenite 18.000
Tile #6 Kaolin 47.000
Ferro Frit 3110 10.000
Silica 20.000
National Standard Bentonite 5.000



*L3685U is a product of work done to match a white engobe to a vitreous fritted cone 03 red stoneware. However that slip is too vitreous for standard Terrastone 2 (which is not a vitreous body).
The first trial to adjust it for Terrastone 2, L3685X, is not dry shrinking enough and fire shrinking too much. This mix, Y, adds more bentonite and subs 5 frit for nepheline.


Y White slip on 6318 Terrastone

G glaze.

No hint of shivering on side of mug, but rim on one. However the slip is very thick on the rim, maybe this is part of the reason.

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<?xml version="1.0"?> <recipes version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"> <recipe name="Cone 03 Terrastone 2 Engobe" id="75765" key="wsEHxna9" date="2015-10-06" codenum="L3685Y"> <recipelines> <recipeline material="Nepheline Syenite" amount="18.000" tolerance=""/> <recipeline material="Tile #6 Kaolin" amount="47.000" tolerance=""/> <recipeline material="Ferro Frit 3110" amount="10.000" tolerance=""/> <recipeline material="Silica" amount="20.000" tolerance=""/> <recipeline material="National Standard Bentonite" amount="5.000" tolerance=""/> </recipelines> </recipe> </recipes>

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